Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Sweet Lollipop - MW

Decided theme: Sweets. Got the idea from Pinterest and incorporated crochet as well. Crochet pattern is original, really simple and got good result with just the first try. Spent more attention and time on the background. Polka dots were made from hand-colored recycled white paper punches and also punches from scrap color paper I've found lying around. I'll give myself an A+ for effort for lining those dots as well, rather than investing in some beautifully printed paper.

Recycled paper, cut to size and trim with scallop cutter on the top, sponged with red ink and lastly stamped with candy canes. "Happy Birthday!" was typewritten on origami paper and adhered to recycled namecard. Really love how the sponge tape creates such a nice 3D feel. Will definitely be seeing them a lot in future cards. ^^

A simple line typewritten on the inside of card, and a little letter to go with. And this should mark the end of November cards BUT December is always the time to go crazy. Not just birthdays but also Christmas!!! Gotta run before I run out of time!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Butterfly Theme - Pepper

Decided to make a rather simple card, instead of trying to fill every space like I always do. The idea was to make the card a little religious, since she is a devoted Christian (or so I think), and naturally nature would be the go-to. Glad to have found those clear stamps while shopping~

Have been researching online about clear stamps and wanted to put my hands on them as soon as I could. Though I managed to find those butterfly stamps, the shops didn't have any kind of stamping tool available. And since I didn't wanna waste my money on the acrylic blocks too, I used the stamps with a laminating sheet. XD And I do not recommend that.

Anyway, the ink sponging here is much smoother, right~ Not to mention that the left banner and two heart cut-outs are from recycled material! Used the sponge tape and flower embellishment bought from Carousell. Simply amazed by how beautiful everything comes together.

Simple on the inside, with just a "Happy Birthday" typewritten and a Polaroid of the Christmas card she sent me last year. Together with a short letter because I wanna clear my paper stash as much as I can in order to welcome new members~!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Love is Blossoming - Birthday Card for the Husband

Another continuation of quilling, combined with crochet, and at the same time trying out new technique - ink sponging! Well, I must admit I didn't do too great here, but I've definitely improved since then! Would definitely love to upgrade my inkpad quality and collection during the year-end Japan trip~ Woohooo!

A little recycled idea of hourglass for the counting down with a little parchment paper added on. The rest are simple writing and pasting. Somehow I think my handwriting kinda ruin all the cards I've made. Gonna practise more on that!

No letter this time since I wanted to spend more time on the "gift" and proceed to finish all the other cards before the trip. So I'm kinda racing with time here. Hope the ideas keep flooding in!